Wednesday, 27 May 2015

0-30V 0-3A Variable Bench/Lab PSU

I have started work on a Bench/Lab power supply design.

The following are Required features:
  • 0-30V variable output voltage
  • 0-3A Current Limited
  • Current Limit notification (by LED)
  • Output Enable button with notification LED
  • Display set and actual output voltage and current.
  • Static 5V output
  • Static 3.3V output
  • Display current flow of 5V and 3.3V circuits.
  • USB Charge port
  • USB PC connection port
  • PC controlled via USB
  • Internal Temperature sensor and PWM fan for quite operation.
Optional features
  • LAN Connection to connect multiple PSU's together for Parallel or Serial use or Synchronised outputs
  • Mode switch & LED for extended user interface controls
Design Requirements
  • PSU Should be fully modular to allow for expansion or alternative uses or replacement of required modules with alternatives as required.
  • PSU should be as efficient as possible
  • PSU should be as cost effective as possible
  • PSU should be as small as possible
  • PSU should be as quiet as possible

Gineer - Variable Bench PSU #1  


Gineer - Variable Bench PSU #2 Raw Power