Friday, 22 July 2016

Lab supply progress - Rectifier board redesign

I've finally made some progress with the power supply. After re-spinning a board and twice setting my diodes on fire, I now have a working first stage.

In the video below I give you a quick run through of my work and also show the inrush current limiting board and the regulator stage.

As I've mentioned before, this power supply will also be modular, but not only in the sense that each stage will be a separate board, but even at the board level parts are optional. This allows for you to build a bare bones analogue PSU through to a fully connected lab grade power supply.

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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Open Source Hardware: USB-A Mounting board

while ago I tore down an old device (Can't remember if it was an old printer or something else) and found a neat little module that you could screw onto the side of a case to hold a USB-A port securely. Many designs have the USB port mounted on the main PCB but in many cases I want a USB port some distance from the main PCB which then makes it quite hard to mount it nicely.

This board, together with a quick and easy 3D printed housing, makes it a perfect solution (in my opinion anyway ;-) I've made the PCB available on thingiverse and the PCB available on OSHPark.

Get the PCB from OSHPark:

Order from OSH Park

Get the 3D Printed part from Thingiverse:

Gineer USB-a Female receptacle Case Mount