Saturday, 16 August 2014

CremaBot: PCB assembled

The PCB's finally arrived from and I have to say that I am very impressed. If only it wasn't for the South African Post Office being so slow, this would be a fantastic option every time.
The board below was as I took it out of the packaging. You can still see the tabs attached where they came off the panel.

Here is the board again with most of the parts, but where I buy most of my parts had the opto-couplers and the 74595 on back order. They also ended up giving me the through hole parts for the voltage regulators instead of SMD's.
Below is the board after soldering, but before I removed the solder flux residue. You can also see the missing 5 volt regulator.

This board is loaded on both sides. Below you can see the bottom side with the 12 volt regulator fitted in place.

And here is the final product, cleaned and with the Arduino Nano fitted. Only thing left to do is to make up the cables and we should be ready to test and finalise the software.

The board is still missing the 5 volt regulator, but should operate happily from the USB power in the first phase until we install the stepper motor driver, at which point we will have to supply external 12 volt power.

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