Sunday, 17 July 2016

Open Source Hardware: USB-A Mounting board

while ago I tore down an old device (Can't remember if it was an old printer or something else) and found a neat little module that you could screw onto the side of a case to hold a USB-A port securely. Many designs have the USB port mounted on the main PCB but in many cases I want a USB port some distance from the main PCB which then makes it quite hard to mount it nicely.

This board, together with a quick and easy 3D printed housing, makes it a perfect solution (in my opinion anyway ;-) I've made the PCB available on thingiverse and the PCB available on OSHPark.

Get the PCB from OSHPark:

Order from OSH Park

Get the 3D Printed part from Thingiverse:

Gineer USB-a Female receptacle Case Mount

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