Friday, 4 July 2014

And then there were three

posted 9 Oct 2013 00:59 by David Taylor

I made the other 2 trucks this weekend and decided to make a short photo series of what I do to assemble the truck.
I start with a simple M6 x 20mm gutter bolt tied down in the vice.
I file off a 45 degree angle to make it just small enough to fit into the aluminium extrusion.
Here is the resized/shaped bolt ready for assembly.
Slide it in and position it to have the edge of the head flush with the edge of the extrusion.
Add a simple M6 by 1.5mm washer.
Notice the gap between the 608zz bearing and the M6 bolt. The 608 bearing has a 8mm inner diameter while an M6 bolt has a 6mm diameter.
Add some electrical tape to form a bush.
Add the bearing which should now fit nice and tight.
Trim the remaining tape.
Just a shot of the trimmed tape.
Add another washer.
And tighten it all up with a nut.
The final steps involve adding a neo magnet to the end of one of the bolts and adding heat-shrink to hold it all in place.

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