Friday, 4 July 2014

Project Bob A.K.A. CremaBot

posted 8 Jun 2014 09:36 by David Taylor

So project Bob is dropping the code name and will from now on be known as CremaBot.

The main goal behind this project is to web enable the Jura Impressa XF50 Classic. The goal for the tear down was to confirm the working of the 1x10 (one line by 10 character) LED dot matrix display. In my previous video you could see that the idea was to display anything that was being displayed on the coffee machine on the associated web app. To do this I would have to intercept the data being sent to the display, decode it and then send it off to the web app.

Here is the overall idea with CremaBot:

So far I have proven all the various aspects that would be required to build this system with the exception of actually reading the data from the data stream going to the 74HC595.

The tear down below took me about 3 hours to get roughly 1 hour worth of video footage which resulted in the 8 minutes of YouTube video below :-) (My first tear down, so comments would be highly appreciated.

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