Friday, 4 July 2014

Tool Carrier [almost] fully assembled

posted 10 Nov 2013 22:25 by David Taylor   [ updated 10 Nov 2013 22:30 ]

On Saturday night I ended up smoothing down the laser cut parts, which now fit together nice and snug, and assembled the Tool carrier.
Everything seems to be lining up as designed.
Only thing left to do on the tool carrier is to thread the clamps (shown at the top of the image above) with an M3 tap and then it's done.
My E3D all metal hot-end should be arriving soon (Hopefully this week) and then this section should be mostly done.
I'm picking up my Ramps 1.4 board and components on Tuesday night together with 4 2A Pololu drivers, so the rest of the week will probably consist of soldering (if only I had one of these: I will have as soon as I've built my printer ;-)

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