Friday, 4 July 2014

First Truck is done

posted 9 Oct 2013 00:58 by David Taylor

I decided to go ahead on Sunday and build the first truck. I made a couple of design updates and reduced the truck overall size and complexity substantially.
Each truck was originally designed to be 66mm long with another piece of extrusion being joined to it at 45 degrees where the arms would be connected. I changed to a magnetic connector model. I was then planning to add a standoff for the magnets, but in the end decided to reuse the bolts that were holding the bearings in place to also host the magnets.
Overall truck length is now down to 38mm and quite simple.
Here is a photo of the first completed part of my 3D printer:
Just for comparison here are Google SketchUp renderings of the original design as well as the updated design as I built it in the end.

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