Friday, 4 July 2014

Electronics Breadboarding

posted 28 May 2014 23:09 by David Taylor

So far

I bought an Arduino Nano R3 and a couple of the components that I'll use in the final product, except that these are through hole so that I can do some bread boarding.
So far I was able to create the 6 button matrix to simulate what I will interface with and also used the sample keypad library to test that it all works and also outputs data via serial to the PC.
If the circuit works out as expected, I'll have a PCB made that resembles the following mockup.
I don't actually expect my circuit to be perfectly working in its first version, which is why I'm bread boarding the entire design first.

"The Device"

The device was bought and paid for yesterday so we should be taking delivery of it soon. It involves getting some training on and then, hopefully, I can take it home and take it apart.
I'm especially looking forward to some Oscilloscope work and getting into a real project. The plan is to change nothing on the existing "device" to keep it all pristine.
Who knows, maybe by the end of this one or two others would want one too or at least have learn't something from my approach (even if it is how NOT to do it ;-).
Leave feedback. I love to hear from you.

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