Friday, 4 July 2014

First couple of printed parts

posted 9 Oct 2013 01:14 by David Taylor   [ updated 9 Oct 2013 12:44 ]

I went to House4Hack in Centurion, South Africa last night and Quentin printed 3 of these things for me.
(click to enlarge)
Here is a pick of 3 more in the process of creation.
(click to enlarge)

I also think I have managed to resolve the issue with how to mount the uprights for the towers at 45Degrees. I've designed another thing to do that, but have not asked anyone to print it for me yet. I'm trying to keep the number of 3D printed parts to a minimum until I actually have a 3D printer of my own.
This thing will slot into a 20x20 Bosch Rexroth Aluminium extrusion profile and slot into the slots on a 20x40 extrusion as seen in the image above. You can then secure the entire assembly by threading the center hole in the uprights and tigtening with a M6 Screw. The alternatives require more complex and precisely drilled pins to keep the allignment right. I'll post an update when I've actually been able to print and test this theory.

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