Saturday, 14 June 2014

Assembling all the parts - started anyway

posted 23 Mar 2011 06:05 by David Taylor

Over the last couple of days I have finalised the brazing of some aluminium parts which drove me up the wall (Avoid heat sinking any parts you want to braze - This includes the vice you may have the parts gripped in.).
I will be purchasing the high speed Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC's) this weekend, after which TriRot should be structurally complete. I haven't bought a radio or receiver yet, but I should be able to start working on a stable hover while still tethered via USB in the meantime as soon as I get the ESC's. I fully expect this to be the hard part of the project to date, so this might take me a while.
Now that you can start actually visualising the final project it all has suddenly caused on a bit more excitement.
Can't wait to power it up now.

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