Saturday, 14 June 2014

Losing more weight

posted 28 Sep 2011 03:14 by David Taylor

I’ve now replaced 15 metal nuts and bolts at 2grams each with Nylon version which weigh 0.32grams each.
TriRot Estimated weight is currently 428grams. Subtracting (15 x 2) = 30grams and then adding (15 x 0.32) = 4.8 and we’re down to 402.8 grams.
I have another 9 sets to replace dropping another 15grams and bringing TriRot to 388grams all in. This might vary slightly because I have also added slightly bigger rotors though, so I’ll post final stats once I’m done.
I also compiled, what I believe to be, flight ready code in release mode and deployed it to TriRot last night. I’m currently in that state between fear and excitement about trying to fly it for the first time.

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