Saturday, 14 June 2014

Fully Assembled Chassis

posted 29 Mar 2011 06:28 by David Taylor

I had a couple of day's holiday and really put quite a bit of time into getting TriRot's chassis fully assembled. This was the first time I had fully assembled all the parts that I have so painstakingly been fabricating over the last couple of months. After some force, a little bit of corrective action and only one repair of a broken part, TriRot is standing on its own legs.
With the ESC's on their way I also bought some pin headers which should also arrive this week still, I am planning the manufacture the Control Interface PC Board soon which should sit right underneath the top shield visible in the picture above with my FEZ mini 1.3 plugging directly into it.
I also bought some 12AWG cabling to extend the battery connectors for connection to the 3 ESC's and the Control Interface board. So lot's still to do but getting there. Once all the assembly is complete I can start working on the flight software and in the process no wreck to many parts.
Come on... Let me know what you think of the work so far.

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