Saturday, 14 June 2014

No part of TriRot is simple

posted 28 Apr 2011 01:20 by David Taylor

I haven't posted an update in a while because I have been battling with the silliest of things. I needed to get hold of some PCB Header pins sockets. These things are surprisingly hard to get hold of. Maplin have them, but they are almost always out of stock and then they also only have the ones with the guides on the side which make them to big to use on TriRot. I eventually bought a couple of ebay.
In the mean time, I tried to solder the power cabling which supplies 12V to the 3 ESC's, and to TriRots Control Interface Board. I am using 12AWG cabling which is the same cable attached to the battery and started simply soldering the cables into a star shape to distribute the wire, but this (in my opinion) just looks messy. So I did a bit of thinking and came up with the following solution.
Two rings inside the chassis to which I can solder the 12V and GND cables respectively. This distributes it nice and neetly and also keeps it all out of the way and keeps the weight down. This will be cut out of 2mm think alluminium sheeting and will be 2 mm thick. I hope that is enough to carry to current required.
Let me know what you think.

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