Saturday, 14 June 2014

Placing the ESC's

posted 26 May 2011 02:43 by David Taylor

I've now reassembled TriRot to a state where the arms are in place on the bottom chassis plate so that I can place the ESC's in position as designed. Although I did leave room in the 3D model for cabling, the wire-tree for the power distribution is a mess.
Hopefully, I should be able to get the ESC's bolted down and wired up at which point I still need to find the I2C addresses of the other two ESC's (Have I mentioned the pool customer support and lack of documentation?).
The next step is to connect the serial interface to the FEZmini to allow me to get telemetry from TriRot and control it vie USB. I'll make another video of the first lift-off although I don't expect that to be smooth or very spectacular (hopefully ;-).

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